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Growth through PARTNERSHIP

Business management consultancy

We provide support to our clients in achieving their organisation value and establishing competitive priorities by setting basic concepts for realizing strategic objectives and creating a corresponding execution plan.


We carefully integrate all the required strategic elements including processes, information technology, human resources, and organisation push factors to overcome barriers. Our commitment is to achieve a strategy for transformation towards improving the organisation's bottom line.

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HUMAN RESOURCE management consultancy

We provide a comprehensive HRM consultancy and training that includes human resources transformation strategies to establish business superiority through the synergy of HRM functions.


Our focus areas of expertise are job analysis/design, talent management, leadership development, business & functional training, performance management, internal relations and strategic HRM.

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We provide a comprehensive personal development program named SIRIP by emphasizing on life objectives definition, character building, life planning, mentoring and fulfilling social obligations as part of celebrating life success.


This state-of-art program has been developed in-house through real-life experience as a guide for others in embracing life challenges.


Psychometric Assessment is used as a diagnostic tool to establish a baseline in identifying future undertaking as an employee or entrepreneur.

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We provide a practical solution to new entrants prior or newly joining the labour market aimed at increasing their employability potentials, nurture their unique talent, building the employer's trust thus creating various opportunity to grow in the organisation.


Building employable, sustainable & progressive career.

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Our customised program consists of a structured training approach to develop an individual as an entrepreneur.


Connecting The Dots is the program that prepares the existing entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level by leveraging on superior understanding of business management tools, the volatile business environment, strategic planning, business leadership crisis and executing effective sales and marketing strategy.


ADAMAS also provide Empower Entrepreneur 2.0 program which is aimed at preparing the to-be entrepreneurs to set right fundamental before starting their business by understanding the relationship of business management critical elements such as Business Value Chart, Business Canvas, SWOT analysis and financial management. This program also guides the individuals on how to start the business and implement effective ways to sustain it successfully.


We provide dedicated business management mentors to help the business owners in overcoming challenges faced during multiple phases of business evolution.

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We offer consultation to the individuals and companies that would like to leverage the opportunities provided through Malaysia Skills Development Certification System.


We also assist Skills Accredited Centre in achieving their competitive edge by focusing on the quality of WIM documents (Written Instructional Materials), skills assessment question development, instructors' gap identification & mitigation plan (CUDBAS), industry linkages, and career opportunity.